Ottie MultiVitamin B.B. Cream by Niunya 05/09/12

Ottie MultiVitamin B.B. CreamOttie MultiVitamin B.B. Cream has vitamins A, B, C, and E. All the good things beautiful skin needs.

This is an 8 in one function cream. It is a concealer, foundation, anti-oxidant, anti-wrinkle, brightening, clears and evens out and moisturizing all in one cream.

Benefits of Vitamin A: Protects the skin by removing free-radicals (anti-oxidant)

Benefits of Vitamin B: Anti-wrinkle and brightening effect

Benefits of Vitamin C: Corrects uneven skin tones

Benefits of Vitamin E: Provides moisture to the skin

Directions: Apply to face after cleansing and moisturizing. This can be used on bare skin as a foundation followed by powder. For more coverage, you can apply foundation on top of the B.B. cream followed by powder to set.

Suitable for light to olive skin tone.

You can buy the Ottie MultiVitamin B.B. Cream from Red Ginger Cosmetics.

Price: $29.99

Check out Red Ginger Cosmetics store information.


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